00 (caughtinaflame) wrote in gingerism,

hey everyone, just stumbled upon the community. obviously, i'm a natural red head. i just died it bright orange tonight though. i absolutely love my natural color, but i like to do different things and after all these years i finally found a job that will let me change my hair so i'm kinda going crazy!

it's weird, i actually just heard about "gingerism" a few weeks ago. i happened to catch a segment on it on nightline at the end of work one night (i work at a tv station) i mean, i've only ever had people tell me how beautiful my hair is and how they wish they had my color.
it can be annoying, but i do feel lucky to be a redhead. i just got married and we're trying to have a baby, and husband is a redhead too. i've just always wanted my own red headed little girl! of course i'll be happy to have a boy too, you know.
anyways, i'm rambling now. i do that at night. i look forward to being a part of this community, though the way i am you probably won't hear from me very often at all.
and with that, i'll leave you with a pic of my natural color. the pic is 3 or 4 years old, but you get the idea:D

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