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Gingerism in mainstream society [04 Jan 2009|04:51pm]

Hey! I've recently started a blog that documents the use of gingerism in mainstream society. I'm gathering my content from TV, newspapers and the internet. Suffice to say it has been incredibly easy to find content for the blog!

You can find the blog here: gingerism
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Roodharigen: Redhead Day (Breda) [29 Sep 2008|08:49pm]

Pictures from what I think may be the largest redhead convention in the world, yet. It takes place the first Friday of every September in Breda (about an hour from Amsterdam). This year there were 3,600 at the photo shoot. Go here if you would like to learn more an attend next year's festival

PicturesCollapse )
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Couple of links [28 Sep 2008|09:38pm]

Gingerfest! was a photographic exhibition of redheads held in Wolverhampton earlier this month - the photographer's site has some of the pix, and info about the book.

From The Guardian, back in August: We're nuts about ginger: "James Medd on his proud redheaded lineage and why he's passionate about passing it on."
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My hairs [23 Sep 2008|06:35pm]


Is purty

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Grrrr [05 Sep 2008|10:35am]

This was quoted in a community

"I've seen a bunch of posts involving red hair and I know its a popular color for fall"

Grrrrr... so being red is suddenly trendy is it? This is why the fashion industry makes me mad. Red this season, blonde the next... those of us with the red gene naturally are red all the time. I am having problems getting my point across here but I guess it is... red hair suddenly being a fad which will eventually be unfashionable again annoys me. So when it is out of fashion again what do natural red heads do, go back to being teased etc?
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[06 Jul 2008|01:51pm]

I thought that I should tell you about the new community called redheadedmales.
Please have a look, - join, if it's of interest to you and send us your red, auburn,ginger and strawberry blond male photos for us to appreciate.

Thanks x
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-Waves- I'm a newbie [17 May 2008|01:06am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Herro thar, I just found this place. I am shocked and in awe XD
I suppose, being ginger and all, I shall post a couple of pics since it seems to be the in thing XD 

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[15 May 2008|08:01pm]

I can't figure out how to cut!
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Festive hair [20 Dec 2007|02:31pm]

Do gingers have more fun at Christmas? Of course (I can say ginger here can't as owing to the name of the group).

festive hair picsCollapse )
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My brothers and sisters in red! [09 Dec 2007|12:49pm]


Being that we all share the common interest that is out redheadness.. I thought that you should all visit and join redhedd.com.  It's much like myspace, only for redheads! Because it is not well-known there are only about 2,000 members and everyone there is very friendly and incredibly awesome. We'd LOVE to see you all there!

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[07 Dec 2007|07:41am]

Neanderthals 'were flame-haired' - scientists extract DNA from Neanderthal remains, and find a variant of the red hair gene. How cool is that?!
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[21 Sep 2007|09:17pm]

Check out this creepy old freckle cream ad...
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[13 Sep 2007|01:58am]

hey everyone, just stumbled upon the community. obviously, i'm a natural red head. i just died it bright orange tonight though. i absolutely love my natural color, but i like to do different things and after all these years i finally found a job that will let me change my hair so i'm kinda going crazy!

it's weird, i actually just heard about "gingerism" a few weeks ago. i happened to catch a segment on it on nightline at the end of work one night (i work at a tv station) i mean, i've only ever had people tell me how beautiful my hair is and how they wish they had my color.
it can be annoying, but i do feel lucky to be a redhead. i just got married and we're trying to have a baby, and husband is a redhead too. i've just always wanted my own red headed little girl! of course i'll be happy to have a boy too, you know.
anyways, i'm rambling now. i do that at night. i look forward to being a part of this community, though the way i am you probably won't hear from me very often at all.
and with that, i'll leave you with a pic of my natural color. the pic is 3 or 4 years old, but you get the idea:D

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social network for gingers [26 Aug 2007|12:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hiya kids.

love the photos and ginger talk. I started up a social network for gingers if anybody's interested.  It's free. Check it out: www.redhedd.com


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[10 Aug 2007|01:41pm]

Thought this posting might interest my fellow redheads - in it, I compare gingerism to racism, and the ways they're the same (they're both prejudice and can have a serious impact on peoples' lives) and how they're different.
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is gingerism as bad as racism? [16 Jun 2007|11:38am]


i saw this on the bbc news website and thought this was an appropriate place to put it!
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[12 Mar 2007|03:24pm]

Anyone read the comments in todays metro regarding "Why snap to 'anti-ginger' judgements?"?

After reading this plonk's response (Alistair Peck) I sent a letter off, hope it get's posted!

Now my ginger bretheren, we will rise and crush the insignificant nation under our toes...

*Stops trying to be Eric Cartman*
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[28 Aug 2006|04:46pm]

hey everyone! i thought i'd share some pics of my new haircut, which is actually not very exciting in the greater scheme of haircuts.

hereCollapse )

does anyone here use straighteners? i have only discovered them in the last week and am a bit annoyed it took me so long to catch up with the rest of the world. i have bought some babyliss ones which seem to do the job, although it takes me around 45 minutes to get my hair properly straight after washing it. does anyone use the ghd ones and are they really THE ones to have? they are expensive but they're the ones everyone seems to go on about.
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Poll time! [23 Aug 2006|09:09am]

I'm a little curious about my fellow redheads, so I thought this would be kind of cool. I'm kind of hoping that the natural redheads will fill this out, cause I'm wondering how many of us actually do have freckles, can get a tan, etc. It will kind of skew the results if you're someone who dyes it(unless you are a natural who just brightens it up). Feel free to share makeup tips, regardless of your natural hair color. So cool...I can't wait to see the results from this. It's crossposted, sorry if you see it a couple times.

Poll #804082 Redheads

Freckles or no freckles?

Lots of freckles
No freckles
Just a few

Do you tan?

A little
I turn into a lobster
I just get more freckly

Eye Color

My eyes change colors

Ladies only-what kind of makeup do you wear(if any)?

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lj cuts have it in for me, deal. [26 Jun 2006|08:15pm]


Hi! My name is Kristen; I just joined this group on my new username. I want some redhead friends!!!! Read more...Collapse ) I like.....fashion, art, clothing, handbags, makeup, dior, lindsay lohan, turquoise, my puppy, boyfriend, suntanning, caffeine, marble mochas from sbucks, car trips, shopping and eating:) If you feel pity for me and want to be my lj friend, comment with some fact about you too, please?! xoxox

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